Why PayPal is Not Available in Pakistan?

 Why PayPal is Not Available in Pakistan?

Why PayPal is Not Available in Pakistan

What drives the government of Pakistan not to introduce PayPal as a payment gateway?

Is it because the government of Pakistan or the government of Balochistan controls the money of Pakistan? This is an interesting piece of history. 

Balochistan is the part of Pakistan that supplies weapons and military equipment to Afghanistan.

It may have something to do with the fact that the founder and operator of PayPal are a US citizen who lives in San Francisco, California. 

PayPal holds billions of dollars in accounts in Pakistan. So, a government in Pakistan or a government in Baluchistan that controls the money supply of PayPal could cut off its services.

The current situation is such that PayPal cannot even process credit card payments in Pakistan. 

It has also been reported that they are going to limit their customer accounts to $1000 per month. 

If a customer exceeds that limit, his account will be closed without warning and he will be required to open a new account. 

This means that even if a person were to run a business online, paying bills online, paying rent online, using a PayPal debit card, etc, he will not be able to access his account without going through a series of hurdles.

In other words, PayPal cannot even process a bank account for someone in Pakistan. 

How can PayPal continue to operate in this part of the world? 

The answer lies in two ways. Firstly, the government of Pakistan cannot force the issue. Secondly, they cannot close down a PayPal account.

So, the question still stands - why is PayPal not available in Pakistan? Will the government sue to regain their service? Some people have already speculated that this might happen.

 This is unfortunate as it could spell the end of PayPal in Pakistan.

They say that the government of Pakistan is reviewing the law to impose taxes on foreign websites. 

That would obviously include PayPal. 

But, that would also include Google AdSense as well. 

The problem here is that Google owns AdSense, so it could be pretty much irrelevant. 

Still, it is a good move to review the law because many countries do have similar laws on this.

Option To Introduce Paypal in Pakistan

Another option is for the government to simply charge a small fee for all payments. 

That would certainly solve the PayPal situation in Pakistan. 

Of course, that probably defeats the purpose of opening an account, to begin with - to avoid government charges. 

It's a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. If you don't charge people, you can't charge them and if you charge people, you can't get paid.

Hopefully, the government will take a look at both options before making any major changes.

Until then, those who want to use a PayPal debit card in Pakistan need to either cancel their existing account or seek another solution. 

For now, at least, the status remains the same. 

Unless the government changes its mind, you will still need a PayPal account to buy things online.

Different Ways For People To Set Up A New PayPal Account In Pakistan

There are a few different ways for people to set up a new PayPal account in Pakistan. Some people have taken the step and done it themselves. 

They have found that setting up a new bank account in Pakistan is not all that difficult. The process is actually quite simple and not too time-consuming. 

It's not as if you have to deal with the government or some other agency.

The process is fairly straight-forward. You create an account with PayPal and then select a country for your account. Once that's done, it's easy to get started. 

The site will ask for some information from you. The most common is your name, email address, account ID, and account PIN. 

You'll also have to select a payment method, usually through an internet banking connection like your bank.

The site will then let you know that your account has been set up. 

It will also give you instructions on how to access your account and make changes. For those that are worried about security, PayPal is a highly recommended option. 

It provides a highly secured environment for transactions. You can rest assured that your account information is safe with PayPal.

PayPal is one of the more established companies in the business and they provide a lot of useful services to its users. 

If you're in Pakistan, you may want to think about using PayPal. They're available in many countries and do business freely. 

With that being said, it may be difficult for residents in certain areas to set up accounts. 

It may even be illegal for locals to use it without proper authorization from the government.

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