Why all batteries are not rechargeable?

Why all batteries are not rechargeable?

Why all batteries are not rechargeable?

It is a fact that the question of why are some batteries, not rechargeable, while other batteries are rechargeable, cannot be answered with a simple argument. 

There are several reasons behind this, but the ultimate answer will undoubtedly be that each and every battery is a hybrid. 

In other words, they are made up of two parts which are separate. 

That means when you buy a battery it is either a rechargeable one or a non-rechargeable one.

In any case, when you buy a battery, you are not buying only one part but both. 

As mentioned earlier, these batteries are not rechargeable. 

But if you recharge it, you are not just saving your battery but also saving some money as well as giving it another chance to serve you for a longer time.

Why Some Batteries Are Remove Able?

Now coming to the question why all batteries aren't rechargeable, it is obvious that some batteries will be. 

You see most mobile phones come with a removable battery. 

If you misplace your mobile phone, you don't have to buy a new one as it is possible to get a replacement. 

This is very useful especially if the battery has lost its capacity to hold a charge.

Can We Store Batteries For A Long Period Of Time?

You might have seen people storing batteries in their garage. 

When you run them through these batteries, you will find out that they still work. 

They might not be able to store a charge fully, but there is no loss of efficiency as they give back the remaining percentage of their charge that was originally present in it. 

When you recondition these batteries, you can sell them off and make some extra money.

The same technology is used in cars to recharge the batteries. 

Similarly, with the help of reconditioning, you can bring back the efficiency levels of the battery. 

The best part about battery reconditioning is that it is very cheap and easy to do. 

I am sure that you would rather spend your money on buying a new replacement battery rather than spending time reconditioning these.

Disadvantage Of Owning A Battery

I think that the biggest disadvantage of owning a battery is that you can't use it more than a specific number of times. 

If you want to buy a new replacement battery, you would have to go to the shop that sells rechargeable batteries. 

There are many advantages to buying non-rechargeable batteries. Let me discuss one of them.

In case you run out of power in your car, what you need to do is just buy a new battery. On the other hand, if your car runs out of power when it is not in use, you need not worry as the battery can stand on its own. 

The battery reconditioning process requires very little time and is not very expensive.

Which Battery Should You Buy

Since these batteries are easily available in many stores, you can rest assured that you won't face any difficulty while buying one. 

You would be able to buy one without much trouble. 

On the contrary, if you choose to buy rechargeable batteries, you must know why do you need them in the first place. 

As I said in the introduction of this article, non-rechargeable batteries have many advantages and are a better choice than rechargeables.

Can Non-ChargeAble Battery Be Reconditioned?

Many people ask why a non-rechargeable battery cannot be reconditioned. 

This is a very valid question and it is to be answered in two ways. 

The first thing to be kept in mind is that all batteries have parts that cannot be reused. 

The second thing to be kept in mind is that the battery is designed to be durable so that it does not fail to work after a particular number of recharging.

Now you should understand how the battery works. 

It starts working when it receives an electrical impulse from the flow of electricity through it.

 When the battery receives the impulse, the chemical reaction leads to the production of hydrogen and oxygen in the battery. 

These gases are then separated into the liquid state and gas form and the battery is charged.

Make Sure Not To Buy Reconditioned Battery?

If you want to buy a battery for your personal needs, you will be happy to know that you can also recondition it. 

There are many companies that sell batteries, but you need to make sure that they do not sell reconditioned batteries. 

The reason behind this is that these batteries are used once and if you buy a reconditioned battery, you will not get any benefit whatsoever. 

To avoid this problem, you should buy a genuine battery which is used only for special purposes.

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