How Much Cotton Does Pakistan Export?

 How Much Cotton Does Pakistan Export?

How Much Cotton Does Pakistan Export

How much cotton does Pakistan export? 

This is one question that has been bothering us all along. Last year the government of Pakistan had declared a brief economic boom in the year 2021, and so the question of how much cotton does Pakistan export was answered pretty easily. The reason being that this particular economic boom is going to help in Cotton cultivation.

Cotton is the most traded commodity between Pakistan and India - and the prices are very high because of the high demand for cotton from both countries. The main exports of cotton are textiles, gems, cotton, and wrap, etc. Other than these, Pakistan also exports Bales, colognes, seeds, plants, and nuts, etc.

Dependency On Exports

The above list gives a clear picture of the huge dependency on exports. However, there is some other aspect we should discuss. What is the percentage of dependence on exports? How much of GDP is actually dependent on exports? This is a critical question. It may indicate some trouble in the future, unless and until exports pick up.

Well, if we consider the scenario without any changes, then exports will remain stagnant or increase slightly. But, if we add a little bit of "goodies" to the equation like the lifting of the ban on cotton - then we are looking at a very positive scenario for the economy. The question here is - how many "goodies" are we talking about?

Well, it's about investment, which forms a major chunk of GDP. If we take cotton as an example - how much cotton does Pakistan export annually, then we are looking at somewhere around 200 Tons. So, that's not too bad, right? Well, but then we have to remember that this figure is not inclusive of other exports, like textile goods and so on.

Indirect Exports

Now, take a look at indirect exports, which include things like machinery, vehicles, IT products, petroleum products, etc. Take a look at the value of all these things, after we remove the goods that are directly associated with agriculture, and then you will get a better idea. That may give you a clue as to what's going on in the market. Let me give you one final tip - before you go and make a guess, try using Trade Mesothelioma - a deadly disease that mostly affects people who work with cotton.

Some Other Things That Affect GDP Growth

You won't believe it - that's why I told you that before. Basically, you should be able to understand the picture once you've understood how much cotton does Pakistan export. There are other things that affect GDP growth, of course. Education levels, government infrastructure, access to capital, and so on. But, if you want to know how much cotton does Pakistan export - it's about enough to fill up the trucks of everyone in Pakistan, plus two.

This might be shocking for you. It might seem as if I'm trying to be critical. But, I'm just trying to help out those of you who get this question - "How much cotton does Pakistan export?" and who need an answer for that. Please consider this.

How Pakistan was Importing Cotton From America?

A decade ago, it was totally unfeasible for anyone to do a single exportable item. It used to take nine months to get an item from America to Pakistan - which is when we were using American cotton! And, even then, our per-unit income was minuscule compared to China's. Today, it's not hard at all.

So, the question is how do they do it? It's not as easy as just blowing up a balloon. First, they have to have a good distributor in a major city like Lahore. They also have to find a way to transport the raw materials into the country - while keeping them cheap and competitive. Finally, they have to ensure that the finished product gets to the customers in a timely manner.

You'll never see any of this happening, though. That's because the American economy just can't compete with the Chinese in any meaningful way. However, it's possible to buy Chinese-made goods at lower prices, and it's certainly possible to do it in Pakistan - as well as for other goods. The trick is understanding how to do it. There are lots of people who understand all of this, and they're all busy trying to make a profit.

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