What are the Limitations of psychoanalysis?

Limitations of psychoanalysis

What are the Limitations of psychoanalysis?

From 1945 to 1960, during the Gadgil-Gokhale period, the literary genre of the story became important. It seems to be gradually declining. This literary genre, which relied mainly on periodicals for publication, may have been declining as the periodicals closed. However, it still survives due to the hundreds of Diwali issues that come out in Marathi every year. Sania, Asha Bagh, Rajendra Banhatti, Bharat Sasane, Prakash Narayan Sant, Sumedh Wadawala, Praveen Patkar, Pankaj Kurulkar, Milind Bokil, Bhaskar Chandanshiv, Meghna Pethe.

There are very few storytellers today who write short stories. Stories of this literary genre in the sixties and seventies Those who expanded the range are Dilip Purushottam Chitre, Vilas Sarang, Shyam Manohar, Anil Dange, Anand Storytellers like Vinayak Jategaonkar, Charuta Sagar, etc. are not seen writing stories today. But something new Storytellers seem to have emerged in the eighties and nineties. Like ‘everlasting’, ‘unhealthy wide night’ How great is the contribution of external reality to the formation of man through the collection of stories? They show how important the socio-political-economic factors are in this formation. 

This is the mind of a person The subject of their research, as well as the mystery and aesthetics of human relationships They search. He sheds light on various human attitudes from the stories in his recent collection 'Anartha' Is discarded. From the stories in Rajendra Banhatti's collections 'Krishna Janma', 'Landaga', 'Yuddha Parva', etc.

A picture of a small area shows the whole human attitude. To life to man, He looks at the events around him clinically and neutrally portrays them. Hope From Bage's collections of 'Marwa', 'Attar', 'Darpan', etc., stories of middle-class men and women, mainly The woman's mind is the universe. Brahmani middle-class culture in Maharashtra, family tensions, traditions. 

Their stories are instructive in terms of the dilemma between natural motivation and moral values ​​while adhering. In the changing reality, the forms that bind the interconnected elements in human relationships are changing. This is also seen in their stories. Sania's 'Shodh', 'Pratiti', 'Khidkya', 'Olakh', 'Bhumika' etc. The mental world of the upper-middle class, middle-class minded women is formed from the stories in the collection.

Although Sania's storytelling may seem fluid and emotional on the outside, it is thought-provoking due to its sensitivity Goes to the level. Life stories from Meghna Pethe's first collection 'Hans Akela' Awareness is expressed. The reality that is visible to today's woman-person is expressed in an intense way Is. 

A profound awareness of life from the stories in Keshav Meshram's collections 'Dhagada', 'Maranakala', etc. Is expressed. The reality that is visible even to today's woman-person is expressed in an intense way. Keshav From the stories in Meshram's collection 'Dagada', 'Maranakala', etc. Horror, ugliness, inhumanity is expressed. Ranganath Pathare's experiences are for sale. Vaikunthichi His social consciousness is felt through the collection 'Mati', 'Gabhyatil Prakash' Prakash Narayan Sant's Banbas, Sharada Sangeet feels his social consciousness through these stories collections. Prakash Narayan Sant's 'Banbas', 'Sharda'

The collection of stories 'Sangeet' provides a fascinating insight into a child's brotherhood. Of Praveen Patkar From the collections 'Fieldwork' and 'Sati', there is a social life outside the middle class, while Bhaskar Chandanshive.

A collection of stories like 'Jambhaldav' depicts the exploitation of rural laborers and the system of exploitation there Comes. The stories in Milind Bokil's collection 'Kachiya Aati' are changing in the 1980s. It has gained perspective on time and changing social realities. Writers of the 1980s Generations have a past. A wound of how the dream of a whole revolution was shattered in that past. There is experience. It was a traumatic event in the context of this great country. To get out of that state Trying is like a creative person. Bokil's story of the person, herIt depicts a person's relationship with a vast social experience, albeit a lonely one Do. 

The storytellers of the eighties and nineties have crossed the line of psychoanalysis of the novel. Relationships with your surroundings and time are considered important. Meghna Peth and Milind Bokil.

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