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An Unexpected Guest Arrive At A Wedding

An Unexpected Guest Arrive At A Wedding

Laughter and cheers echoed in the air as children dashed along the narrow corridors of the house. Maids and nannies could be seen failing miserably in trying to create some semblance of discipline and control of the children they chased while clearing up the mess they had created. Mischief and thrill flowed like blood in the veins of these little troublemakers. The older members of the family in contrast had sobered and seemed somewhat crestfallen over the news of the sudden illness and inability of the groom’s great grandfather to attend the wedding. 

Approaching his mid-nineties, Bade Nana was still one of the most active men in the family, putting the technology-engrossed teens to shame. The last few weeks, however, hadn't been the best. Everyone had slowly gotten so accustomed to Bade Nana's cigar obsession that no one gave heed to it anymore, thus, somehow like a fungus spreading far and wide-the smoke had clogged his trachea and lungs. The man who was never seen without a bounce in his step was now confined to his bed with a severe case of bronchitis. 

The wedding preparations were brought to a halt when the news first came to be heard, however, being the jolly person he is, Bade Nana told everyone to carry on with the celebrations and not let his illness dampen anyone’s spirits in any way. Music echoed from all corners of the house and everyone wore forced smiles to carry on with the festivities. But, nothing was the same with Bade Nana sitting three hours away from Karachi, alone with no familial assistance, in his ancestral house in Hyderabad, Behind every smile hid a sad frown worrying for the well being of the oldest member of the family. 

The first two days of the traditional Sindhi wedding flew by, and time had come to welcome the bride to her new home. This was the time when everyone felt the absence of Bade Nana the most. It was a life long tradition for the eldest male of the family to present the newly married couple with the family heirloom and escort them to the car departing for their home. The couple was being helped off the raised platform when a crowd started huddling near the entrance of the marquee as if to grace a special guest. Radiant and relieved smiles graced everyone’s faces for the unexpected guest was none other than Bade Nana everyone’s favorite. He had made it to the wedding despite his illness, accompanied by the nurse who had traveled with him reassuring the family members that he was being taken good care of by the best respiratory disease specialist in town. 

With a few stray tears and an unsteady gait, the old man made his way towards the newlyweds, entrusting them the heirloom, he showered them with his love and blessing for a strong and happy life together. 

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