Is Tea Healthy For You | Know How To Use Tea In A Healthy Way

Is Tea Healthy For You? Advantages and Disadvantages Of Drinking Tea.

Is Tea Healthy For You

Is tea healthy for you? This is such an interesting question for tea lovers.

Because there are millions of people who love to drink tea whenever they feel tired or depressed.

However, there are many peoples who cannot start their day without drinking a cup of tea.

So the question is that is tea healthy for you?

Today I will tell you what are the benefits of tea, the side effects of drinking tea, and how to stay safe from the side effects of tea.

Why Is Tea Good For You?

Everyone knows that drinking tea helps us to be fresh and to get rid of laziness.

But in reality, there are a lot of benefits of tea that exist, and not everyone is known about them.

#1: Helpful For Asthma Patients

Hot tea is very helpful for asthma patients.

Hot tea cleans your throats and makes your breathing system better.

#2: Good For Digestion

Tea helps to digest food faster.

Nowadays there are many people who have this habit to drink tea after eating a meal.

#3: Helps for reducing cholesterol and Type 2 Diabetes 

In a study, it was found that drinking hot tea is very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels.

You all know better how dangerous cholesterol is for the heart.

It means drinking hot tea is useful to stay away from heart disease.

In another research, it was found that drinking hot tea can decreases the effect of type 2 diabetes.

These were some amazing benefits of tea, lets talk about the side effects of drinking tea.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Tea To Your Health

#1: High Intake Of Caffeine Side effects.

Caffeine present in tea has some benefits to your health.

But caffeine can also lead you to face different types of health problems.

For example, a high intake of caffeine can lead to insomnia, depression, tension, and fast heartbeats.

#2: Tea addiction

Friends caffeine is a substance that makes the human body addict.

And a person accustomed to it cannot leave it even if he wants to leave it.

If he stopped drinking caffeine tea it results in headaches and anxiety.

#3: Bad For Human Bones.

Tea is also imagined as a bad drink for human bones.

We have seen many cases of medical science in which a high intake of tea leads people to pain in their bones and teeth.

#4: Tea Can Lead To Deficiency Of Iron.

Tea can also lead to a deficiency of iron. 

This is because of an antioxidant present in it which is a flavonoid.

How To Avoid Dangerous Effects Of Tea.

#1: Boil It Less.

Boiling tea for long periods of time is not a good practice.

Because the more you boil it, the more healthy nutrients decrease from it.

That's why less boiled tea is more healthy for you.

#2: Stop Drinking Tea without facing problems.

If any tea lover wants to stop drinking tea.

He should not leave drinking tea suddenly rather he should leave it slowly.

For example, If an individual drinks 4 cups of tea a day he should decrease the number of cups one by one.

Let's understand with this schedule

  • Day first 4 cups a day.
  • Day second 3 cups a day. 
  • After one week 2 cups per day. 
  • After one more week 1 cup per day and so on.

This is the only and best method to leave a high intake of tea without facing difficulties.


Is tea healthy for you? Drinking tea has many benefits and side effects as well.


  • It is helpful for digestion 
  • Beneficial for asthma patients, 
  • Helpful for reducing cholesterol levels and type 2 diabetes.

Side Effects

  • It is bad because a high intake of caffeine has many side effects described above.
  • Bad because a human becomes its addict.
  • It is bad for your bones.
  • It can lead to a deficiency of iron.

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