How to pet a cat | Secrets to pet a Cat

How To Pet A Cat Like A Master With The Help Of These Tips.

How to pet a cat

Here we will learn How to pet a cat by using some tips and by learning the cat's language.

Here I have put together all the possible cat behaviors to help you find a common language with your pet.

Also, we prepared 3 essential tips that will help you communicate with your pet better.

You will not believe how easy is this to pet a cat. You just have to follow my lesson that's it.

I bet you after reading this article carefully and applying these tips to your cat. Your cat is going to be your best friend.

How to pet a cat? Win the trust of your cat.

How to pet a cat

Why my cat is not trusting me?

If you own a cat whose behavior is not good for you, he beats you if you touch him or he is stressed and not comfortable with you.

Normally a cat shows this type of behavior when you bought a new old cat.

Because your old cats had already settled their mind according to the previous owner. So it might be difficult for them to accept a new owner. 

To pet a cat you must have time to give him because if you are unable to spend time with your cat.

You can never gain his/her trust.

And one important point if your cat is in a comfortable zone, he is resting, he is eating or he is playing. So you should never disturb him or tease him.

Because it can irritate your cat and can lead your cat to hate you. 

If your cat does not want to come to you, try not to force him.

What steps should you take to pet a cat?

Get closer to your cat.

So to gain your cat's trust and love you have to get closer to him slowly.

Try to feed him with your hands, like you can feed him different types of foods e.g: jellies, fishes, etc.

In this way, your pet will start feeling relaxed being around you.

He will start thinking that he has no thread from you.

If you can realize this to your cat, his behavior will start to be better with you.

Relax your cat by spending time with him.

How to pet a cat

After that, the best tip to relax a cat is a catnip.

Catnip helps a lot to bring your cat out of stress. But every catnip does not work.

Most of the time catnip works only 60% to 70%.

Especially catnip works effectively for those cats who are stressed, showing aggressiveness, and having bad behavior.

You can use any catnip spray or powder, it's up to you.

So if your cat is aggressive make sure to stay him away from other cats or do not take him to a public place.

But if you want to take your cat under the sky or want to take him out for fresh air.

So you can take your cat to the roof or take him to a place where he can see plants and birds and show his excitement.

After following these tips step by step you will be able to gain your cat's trust and now I will tell you the things cats love most.

5 things cats love most

#1. Hunting.

How to pet a cat

Many people have a misconception that may be person cats do not like hunting.

But hunting is the nature of the cat family, they love to hunt.

And those cats who hunt daily, are more active, intelligent, and having a strong immunity system than those who don't hunt.

The life span of hunter cats is more than pet cats. So allow your cat for an outing and let him enjoy his life.

#2. Sleeping.

How to pet a cat

Sleeping is the one and the only thing which cats love most.

They can sleep from 16 hours to 20 hours per day. While in winter they use to sleep less than normal.

In cold weather, they use to sleep from 12 hours to 16 hours per day. This is dependent on their mood.

So if your cat is sleeping a lot in summers, do not worry because they are just enjoying their life healthily and happily. 

Especially elder cats like to sleep more than to play. While young cats like both equally.

So if your cat is sleeping a lot, you do not have to be worry because your cat is just enjoying his life.

#3. Cats love scratching.

How to pet a cat

Cats also like to do scratching, and if you have not bought a scratching port for him he will scratch on different places in your home. Like a sofa or bed.

Some people think that their cat is having a problem that's why he is scratching in different places. 

But in reality, if your cat is scratching, so he is just playing and enjoying.

If your cat is spoiling your bed and sofa, so bring a scratching port for your cat from the market.

It will help your cat to be relaxed and calm. And your cat will have a toy to play with.

So you must let him enjoy and should not stop your cat from scratching.

#4. External environment or Sunlight.

How to pet a cat

Cats love to play in sunlight. They like to observe new things.

If they visit a new place, they use to observe and smell different types of things there.

Other than that my cat likes to sit on the window, he likes to see running things moving there like bikes, cars, and birds.

So try this with your cat also.

#5. Fresh or running water.

How to pet a cat

Have you ever noticed that why your cat likes to drink water by licking the freshwater coming out from null?

Because they have the senses to guess that the collected water in a bowl can have some bacterias.

They drink that water but not like that water, they like to drink from running water.

You can buy a fountain for your cat which can be easily available in any pet show.

So now you know what things cats love most.

If you want to know about the things cats hate most.


How to pet a cat: At first try to win your cat's trust and love, by spending time with your cat and playing with your cat without forcing him for anything.

Secondly, try to be close with your pet step by step and let him take his time to settle with you. And realize him that he is your friend.

Lastly, try to enjoy your cat as more as possible by following the above points and stop immediately all the things which annoy your cat by following the above points.

I hope you have got my points about How to pet a cat.

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