Do dandruff cause hair fall | Connection between dandruff and hair fall

Do dandruff cause hair fall?

Do dandruff cause hair fall

Do dandruff cause hair fall? This is a really popular question and today I am going to answer it.

I know how annoying is this to have dandruff in hair as I already had experienced it.

So let's answer this question Do dandruff cause hair fall? No dandruff cannot cause hair to fall. Read the details below.

Is there any connection between dandruff and hair Fall?

Basically, hair fall is a different entity and dandruff is a different entity.

An individual can face dandruff and hair fall issues together.

Hair fall may have a connection with dandruff but there are very few chances only 2% to 5% dandruff can cause hair fall.

But dandruff cannot cause hair to fall 100%.

Let's understand what is dandruff?

I know that you are still not clear about your question Do dandruff cause hair fall. But I will tell you step by step to clear your mind.

Let's understand with an example of skin. Our skin starts to prepare from inside then that layer comes up and repair or change skin's previous layer. 

After some time this layer also becomes dead and a new layer is ready to exchange it.

This process happens when we take bath or wash our face our new skin cells repair our dead skin cells.

This is the cycle of skin cells and it lasts up to 1 month.

But, the production of oil in your scalp is more than your skin because of more oil-producing glands and sebaceous glands.

And usually, we are not able to wash our heads because of an excessive amount of hair.

Let's see how dandruff can cause hair loss which has only 5% chances

Dead skin cells, oil, dirt, and pollutants gather on your head and generate some dandruff, stickiness, and yellowishness on your head.

This is how dandruff borns in your hairs.

This can be easily controlled by washing your hair in a good manner. By using the best shampoo for dandruff.

But if skin cells, oil, dirt, and pollutants could not be cleaned properly then it can cause fungal infection.

This can lead to redness on your head. And then it will lead you to irritation after scratching that point multiple times and feeling pain there. 

Now we understand that dandruff is not any disease but if fungal infection is added to dandruff then it becomes a disease.

So if fungal infection, dermatitis, seborrhea, inflammation increase in your head. Then it is called Seborrheic dermatitis.

Your hair loss can be increased because of seborrheic dermatitis but hair loss cannot be started because of this.

Hair loss and dandruff.

There are multiple types of hair loss e.g: hair loss because of deficiency of enough vitamins and hair loss because of genetics.

Dandruff has no connection with any kind of hair loss and it cannot start hair fall. However, if somebody already has a hair fall. Then dandruff can increase it in case of Seborrheic dermatitis.

So if you want to get rid of hair fall you must have to change your shampoo.

Go to your doctor he will check your condition better and will provide you the best shampoo according to your problem.

And if you want to get rid of dandruff  there are multiple types of shampoos available on the market

Like ketoconazole containing shampoo, Antifungal shampoo, Steroid containing shampoo or salicylic containing shampoo, and many more.

Your doctor will tell you one of those according to your skin's condition or dandruff and tell you how to use them or in how much frequency you should use them.


Dandruff cannot cause hair loss however it can only increase hair fall if you scratch or not wash your head perfectly.

So dandruff has no connection to your hair loss and if you have dandruff you should change your shampoo or take a doctor's advice.

That's all of this article and I hope you have got an answer to the question Do dandruff cause hair fall

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