Car washing and detailing | How to handwash a Car

Here we have professional car washing techniques

Car washing and detailing

Everyone loves to keep his car clean. And if the car is new, then, in the beginning, this passion is doubled.

And many people are afraid that their car will be discolored by using different washing powders.

But I will help you clean your whole car in which you do not have to buy anything from outside and whatever is used in cleaning the car will not harm your car.

You don't need to open the car seat to clean the inside of the car, you just need a brush that will help you clean the inside of the car.

If you clean your car the way I told you to It will take barely fifteen to twenty minutes and your car will shine.

Interior Cleaning of a Car

Remove dust from Interior

At first, you have to take a brush that can be anyone. Even you can use your shoe brush.

Bring out the car mats.

You have to use a brush to remove all the dirt that has stuck on the carpet of the car.

Collect all the dirt in one place then take it out and throw it out.

Then repeat the same method wherever you see dirt on your car's carpet.

Then take a clean cloth and clean the dirt from the car door glass and dashboard.

Interior cleaning for a new look

Wash all the car mats thoroughly with water and put them back in the car after drying.

You don't need to buy anything from outside to bring the shine on the dashboard of your car.

You only thing you should have is coconut oil.

You have to apply coconut oil to your car's dashboard with the help of a clean cloth.

Apply coconut oil to every part of your car's interior that is made of plastic or wood.

Using coconut oil will not damage the interior of your car.

Cleaning seat covers

If you have leather seats installed in your car, you will not have much trouble cleaning them.

All you need is a wet cloth with which you have to clean each seat cover thoroughly.

But if your car seat covers are not of leather, then you have to work a little harder.

Recently I have written an article on my website in which I described how to wash carpet at your home. Go and grab this trick.

You have to use exactly the same method to wash your car's seat covers because this trick will save plenty of water from wasting as well as time.

So you have to use the same method to wash your car seat covers.

2 simple methods to clean the exterior of a car

1: With a stream of water

If you want to wash your car with water, so firstly, you have to remove all the dust from the body of your car using a cloth.

Because if you did not remove dust from your car so after your car wash you will find many spots on your car and your car will not be able to shine.

So with the help of a clean cloth, remove all the dust from the body of your car thoroughly, and then start washing your car with water.

Surf or any other soap can be harmful to the color of your car.

In this case, we suggest you use your hair's shampoo which is going to be easily available at your home, which will not harm your car's color.

If you use shampoo to wash your car you will find an extra shine on your car's body after the process is completed.

To wash a car, you have to put a jug of water in a bucket and 2 to 3 tablespoons of shampoo.

Then mix this water well until bubbles are visible to you.

At first, take a clean cloth then put it in the bucket and then rub it on your car. Do this to the whole exterior of your car.

Then wash your car with water before the paste from the body of your car dries, because if the paste of shampoo and water dries and you did not remove it from your car's body with water, The paste will leave some spots on your car's body.

2: Without a stream of water

It is better to wash a car with water as little as possible.

Because water can somehow harm your car's paint.

So if you want a clean car without water.

Before starting the process make sure that your car is parked under bright sunshine or a windy area. Because it can make your work easier.

You should have two clean clothes. From the first cloth remove dust from your car as more as possible.

After that wash this cloth and wet it. Then remove the hard dust from your car.

Your car will start looking clean. But we have to clean perfectly.

After that use the second piece of cloth to clean the car perfectly.

But before that, you must have to wet the cloth. Because it will remove all the remaining grease or dust particles from your car.

Believe me, this process is very easy and definitely, you will be amazed after watching your clean car in 10 minutes without any hard work.

Only Effective way of cleaning your car's tires and rims.

If You have cleaned your whole car, but if your car's tires are dirty then your car can never get a new look.

So to clean the car tires you need a brush that you have used to clean the carpet of your car.

Here you can use any shampoo or surf to wash the tires.

At first, wet the tires with a splash of water and remove as much dirt as possible.

Make bubbles with any shampoo or surf in the bucket and rub the bubbles on tires using a brush.

Then wash the tires with water. Your tires are perfectly cleaned.

The same method is used to clean the rims also but if your car rims are very dirty and can not be cleaned this way then I have a solution for that also.

You will need the paste of baking soda and vinegar.

Put two to three tablespoons of baking soda in a jug and two to three tablespoons of vinegar. Then mix them well until they become a paste.

Then rub them well on the rims with the help of a brush and clean them with water.

It's my guarantee that your whole car will be looking like a new one if you have followed these steps perfectly.

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