How to get good sleep | 5 Best Sleeping Tips You Will Read This Year

Is sleeping your worst enemy? 5 ways to defeat it.

As we have to eat healthy foods and we have to do daily exercise to get a healthy body. 

Similarly, no one can get a healthy body while ignoring his sleep. 

It is found in a study that less sleep has negative effects on your whole body. 

How to get good sleep

To your body hormones, to brain functioning, etc.

Less sleep can increase the body fat of both adult people and young peoples. 

Interestingly good sleep can help you to lose weight. 

You will feel hungry less, your body will be active so you can be able to complete your daily practices actively.

 All these will be very beneficial to you.

In these modern days, getting good sleep and long sleep is being difficult for everyone. 

This is leading to body fat or bad body shape. 

Which then results in different kinds of diseases. 

To stay away from all these diseases you have to take your quality sleep at least 6 hours a day.

Top 5 effective ways you can get good sleep

#1: Increase sunlight in your day. 

Have you feel that whenever you watch the sun your eyes start blinking fastly. 

So, increase the lights around you to stay awake and fresh. When your body has worked actively full day obviously your mind will be tired at night and you will get a night of good sleep.

People having the problem of no sleep. I mean that some people claim that they are not able to sleep all night because of no reason. 

Doctors gave them the same advice to increase the use of light during your working day. 

It results in good sleep and whenever they lie off their beds they fell asleep 83% faster than their previous time.

A report shows that taking 2 hours of brilliant light a day increases 80% chances that an individual sleeping time will be increased by 2 hours.

However, in most of the researches, people have problems because of the extreme rest. But if you are unable to rest then normal so increasing the light during the day will definitely show you results on the night of that day.

#2: Never drink Coffee or Tea late at night.

Caffeine has many advantages and it is used by 90% of the United States population. 

It can recover your focus in a minute. 

Your focus on your work and sports. 

But it can be bad for you if you take it at night. 

Because it can make you fresh and you will not be able to get a perfect sleep.

In a study, taking caffeine 6 hours before resting increased the quality of sleep. 

However, taking caffeine after 3 to 4 am is not good for you. 

It is prohibited why you are going to rest and feeling tired at night because it can make you fresh so that you will not be able to get good sleep.  

If you want to drink coffee late at night, drink decaffeinated coffee only it won't hurt your rest.

#3: Try to sleep and wake up at a set time.

It is now a common problem among us that whenever we have time to rest our brain starts to give us amazing advice and ideas about what I have to do tomorrow and how can I perform better tomorrow and many more.

Your body's circadian beat is limited to a set range. 

Resting at a set time as well as waking up at a set time will give you a good sleep and better daily performances. 

In one study, some individuals who have slept in different irregular times reported at the end of the week that they had poor rest quality.

If you have the same problem while resting, then try to sleep and wake up at your own set time. 

After some days you will not need an alarm.

#4.Improve your room condition 

Many peoples believe that the quality of your rest is dependent on the quality of your bedroom. 

It means the temperature of your room, the mattress quality, your pillow, your room lights, noise in your room. 

Making all these things perfect will automatically give you a good sleep.

Studies proved that different kinds of noise can disturb your rest. 

In a study on a woman, the noise of traffic and lights from the room decreases which results in high-quality sleep for that woman.

So if you want to get good sleep to turn off all lights from your devices like an alarm or mobile phone. Make your room quiet and relaxed, set the room temperature you like, and then sleep.

#5: clear your mind from thoughts before going to the bed to get good sleep.

Many successful people have to get high-quality rest to have a pre-sleep routine. 

These are some techniques that are also used to treat insomnia.

Some of them are meditation to clear thoughts from your mind.

Taking bath with hot water can relax your whole body, reading a book can make your mind feel tired, deep breathing can fall you asleep fast, etc.


  • Increase sunlight in the day.
  • Never intake caffeine late at night.
  • Make your sleeping routine or sleep and wake up at the same time.
  • Improve your room's condition.
  • Clear all the thoughts from your mind before going to the bed.

These are the 5 best-proven sleeping tips that you can implement in your life to take quality sleep.

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