How to gain height | Increase your height according to science

What science recommends you to increase your height?

How to gain height

You have heard from many peoples that height cannot be increased after 21,22 and 23 years. 

This is quite true. In fact, the cycle of increasing height is something else that I will tell you. 

Who doesn't like big stature? Everyone wants to be tall.

Because the taller a person looks, the smarter he looks. He feels confident about this thing. 

If you are short then I am going to give you the tips that are proven after scientific research.

Is Height dependent on Genes?

Yes, 80% of our height depends on our parents. If they are tall, we will be tall, and if they are short, we will be short.

But the remaining 20% ​​depends on our food and our exercise. We can't do anything on this 80%. But we can work on the remaining 20%. 

Our brain releases a chemical we call HGH(Human Growth Hormones) and with the help of this chemical, our height increases. 

Now that your HGH is released from your brain, your height will increase. 

Scientific study says that when we do short exercises, that is, in 30 seconds in which we use our full energy, then our brain releases HGH.

So if you run at full speed for 30 seconds, your brain releases HGH or anything like that in which you have to put all your energy into it will release HGH in your brain. 

So if you want quick results, do any type of activity 10 times a day in which you use your full body energy to release HGH in your brain. 

Can sleeping help you to gain Height?

Yes, most of the HGH chemical releases in our brain during sleep. 

If you want to grow taller and look smarter, you need to work on your sleep. 

The more sleep you get, the more HGH chemicals your brain will release and increase your height. 

If you want to get a good night's sleep, you need to take a shower because bathing gives you a deeper sleep. 

How to gain height from acupressure points of your body

There is also an acupressure point in your body to release HGH. 

Your brain will release HGH if you do any activity on your thumbs and toes, Which will help you a lot in increasing your height. 

All you have to do is when you wake up in the morning, just press your thumb for two minutes, press release then press then release your thumb do this for 2 minutes continuously.

Then keep pressing the toe of your other hand in the same way you press the toes of both your feet. 

This will give you the best amount of HGH in the morning, which is best for your height.

Which diet will help you to increase your height?

Our diet is very important to grow taller. 

We need more protein. If you eat mutton, your height maybe a little bigger than others, because mutton contains a lot of protein. 

After waking up in the morning you have to drink a glass of water and eat two eggs. 

Besides, fish contains a lot of protein and if you can eat yogurt in the morning, it will make you taller very quickly. 

Eating these things will protect you from many more diseases. 

Many people do not eat lentils, while lentils contain as much protein as mutton meat. 

You have to cook and eat lentils two days a week, they can be any lentils. Lentils are a great source of protein.

Can exercise help us to gain height?

Exercise is very important to keep our bodies healthy. Exercises also play an important role in growing taller. 

Here I will tell you 3 effective exercises that will be very useful in increasing your height.

1: Raise both your hands, raise both your heels and try to lift your body as high as possible. 

I mean stretch your body as much as you can. This will speed up your blood circulation and stand in the same poster for ten to thirty seconds. 

Ten seconds are a lot in the beginning but gradually you can go up to 30 seconds or even a minute.

2: The second and most important exercise is cycling. 

Children who use to do cycling a lot during their childhood have a much higher chance of growing taller than other children.

3: Jumping rope increases our blood circulation very quickly. Which protects you from a heart attack and many other diseases. 

Should we take injectable pills to gain height?

As we get older, So the part of our brain that releases HGH fuses. After 22 or 23 years our brain stops releasing HGH.

But we can take external HGH by injectible pills. 

By the way, it sounds great that if our brain does not produce HGH, then we take HGH by taking two pills.

But it's even more dangerous because when we take external HGH, that HGH can only make our height 20% larger out of 100%. 

Otherwise, it will not make you taller but will make any part of your body much bigger. 

This means that this will make your face bigger or your nose bigger. And even if it makes you taller, it will make you so much bigger that you don't like it at all. 

External pills can stretch any part of your body, but that HGH which your brain releases helps your body grow properly. 

That's why never take any medicine to increase your height, otherwise, you will lose your body. 

If you grow taller than one hand in the middle of growing taller, it will feel bad. 

That's why you should follow the methods that I have mentioned because I have explained all the methods according to science and all doctors will forbid you from taking pills.

About 80 out of every 100 people who take medicine to increase their height experience some side effects.

What habits should you change to gain Height?

You may have heard from many people that if you want to grow taller then start hanging. 

Hanging keeps our bodies straight for a while. 

If you keep hanging regularly, After hanging you will see the difference immediately from 1 to 2 inches increase in your height. 

You may have seen some people who walk with a slight bend. 

If you stop bending and start standing straight, you will also see an immediate difference in your height. 

Whenever you sit try to be straight and keep your backbone straight.

Once a study was done on millions of people, it was found that what God Almighty has to give to someone, rich or poor, he puts some special kind of habits in him which man begins to follow and in the end he becomes rich.

Similarly, these are some of the habits that we have acquired after scientific research that can help you increase your height very easily and quickly.

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